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saintbritain: aspire to inspire

this is PERSONAL- THIS is my declaration to my own diary. Content Creator and Esthetician shares her views on beauty, art and fashion. my own mantra is - style is more personal—“what you see in yourself that makes you, YOU!, THATS the real form of BEAUTY .” this blog is dedicated to my personal diary, often I will be posting about the things that I love, GRWMs, the hottest trends in FASHION and in cities where I travel, GREAT eats and MORE.


She started pursuing a career in 2011 as a visual artist and attended the Fashion institute of Design and Merchandising in Downtown LA. Majoring in Visual Communications she completed one year & then returned back to her home in New Orleans, La. There she attended the Aveda Arts institution & is now a licensed Esthetician and upcoming Esti Educator by the state of Louisiana.

She aspires to become a beauty and image consultant to models and artists, mainly working on editoriashoots for designers and upscale magazines. She's in for the whole nine!

She has worked on plays doing special effects makeup such as Shrek which was featured on, fashions shows for Local designers, and even showcased a small line of her on thanks to Raw Artist. Now you can find her offering luxury beauty treatments such as lash extensions, facial and body contouring. For booking info you can contact her on her ig! @hausofsaintbritain @saintbritain

Saint Britain will offer fashion and style tips, like which necklaces go best with each neckline, what is the best eyeliner for your eye shape and posts on how to wear fashion pieces like dresses, boots, hats, and strappy heels. Aside from these, she will also dedicate a section of the website to personal and spiritual growth. The blog offers advice on improving yourself through proper time management and good habits, among other things, afterall GROWTH IS ALWAYS HER GOAL.

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